Natural Ore and Certified Reference Materials in Mining and Exploration

Natural Ore represents the rocks and sediments in the ground that contain one or more valuable minerals. At the same time, Certified Reference Materials play a critical role in identifying the desired concentration levels.

Mining and exploration are both parts of the process of finding and extracting valuable minerals that represent natural compounds formed through various geological processes. Such minerals include but are not limited to gold, silver, copper, and many more. The process is quite complex, and several stages must be completed before the precious mineral are ready for distribution and final use. The following diagram can demonstrate the complete process:

natural ore - exploration mining process

The minerals are first mined in natural ore form and only refined later; therefore, finding a natural ore deposit with an appropriate concentration level of precious minerals is critical to ensure the economic viability of such projects.

This process occurs during exploration mining and is where Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) come into play. A CRM represents a known grade composition control sample and is used to test and validate the ore samples extracted during an assay process. As a result, you get an accurate comparison that determines whether the specific location is worth pursuing.

Given that the economic aspect of the project rests on the accuracy of such assessments, using high-quality CRMs is a must. As an official OREAS® distributor in West Africa, we stand behind their product and quality.

OREAS® Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) are widely known in the mining and exploration industry and are distributed to more than 130 countries worldwide. Produced from only natural ore materials, each CRM undergoes thorough laboratory testing before being certified according to the latest ISO standards and put into circulation.

To find more information about our stock of CRM in West Africa and Australia please visit our inventory page here, or simply reach out to us directly with your requirements.

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